This is a film I made in 2005 with my friend Ingo Biermann and some brilliant people who pretty much all went on to work professionally in movies. I still think it’s good, even though that might only be because I know what it’s about.


Here’s the original blurb: “Stuart Dee is from Stockport, but he is lost in a foreign city. He works in a butcher’s shop, he has a girlfriend called Lisa and a cat, and his two best friends are called Tony and Charlie. None of them are in this film (which is full of Germans instead), but they are embedded in his mind as desires and spasms.”


The main location was the rehearsal studio of the Tribüne in Berlin, a theatre where I once worked that has now been bulldozed into history.



Cast: Ben Knight, Attila Borlan, Anna Guddat, Christy Leonardo, and others.

Script: Ben Knight

Direction/Editing: IJ Biermann

Camera: Tom Akinleminu

Assistant Director: Stephan Schoenholtz

Sound: Robert Wriedt, Stephan Schoenholtz

Experimental sequence: Martin Lesniak

Production: Knight Errant Films in co-production with IJB